weekends are meant for living.

it has been a great ride out here in denver. this weekend was absolutely amazing. much needed. waking up and sharing a hot chai on the deck with my brother as the golden sun hits the lake. sharing stories and experiences of life. irreplaceable moments. pete and i took a venture out to mt sanitas outside of boulder after the tea on saturday morning to meet my couchsurfer friend ashley and her friend's dog bhakti and hike the mt sanitas trail. she was a very awesome person, bhak was such a cute pup and we had so much fun swapping stories and filling eachother in on the different insights of our lives. it's a great experience to meet such real people like that and glad to say i have her as a friend. eric and i parted ways with ashley and returned home and we met up with bri and his new girl megan to go pick up some gear for the hike at this massive r.e.i. store downtown. returning home was crazy bc it was dinner time and as starving boys we needed nourishment. so we decided to have some gourmet dino nuggets (they were awesome) and a massive tray of nachos baked in the ooven. i made the salsa homemade of course. everything was gone in minutes after that long day. we got out to meet up with erics girl d.p. and we went to check out some awesome local restaurants. one had an entire volkswagon camper up on its roof that was refinished to be the outdoor bar! the other ones were just as cool. we called it a night and i woke early this morning to have a morning tea and write in my journal. once breakfast was done we started the day of cooking. since we will be out on the trail for thanksgiving, we decided to host a thanksgiving feast for dinner this evening and let me tell you, it came out awesome! while in the midst of prep, i was able to step out with eric for a run around the lake. it was gorgeous. ive been preaching to him about my goals of gettin back out to pound the pavement. i miss running. its in my roots. we got back and met the new neighbor, nicole. she was very nice. seemed like a very down to earth soul. once we were cleaned up, the food was finished, everyone had arrived, we sat down to one of the best meals ive had in a looong time. i am so thankful for the family ive got out here and could not regret any part of it.

so glad to have met all these amazing people because it really gives my soul an uplifting feeling worth more than anything bought. stepping outside of the security blanket like the ones so many people i kno use as a way to say theyre happy, has been my greatest feat and continues to make my path more and more exciting and fulfilling.

as far as usa goes, colorado is one of the most amazing places you can experience and have a real connection with the soul and the natural environment. i can only tell others to never hesitate on going.