we are alive

i am being selfish and have kept most of my writings in my personal moleskin as a more intimate way of connecting with my own experiences and reactions better so the writing on here has been nonexistent for a while... the photos are not up only because my lack of computer access for lengths of time. that should change if I can find a library.we are alive and well, taking care of each other and also others taking care of us too. we're outside of the sprawling l.a. area at this moment. getting from placerville to the west and down to l.a. was not easy by any means but i never said i was looking for a laid-back vacation. we have learned and grown so much already and us brothers and lil ro' are very much alive in the physical sense and in all other forms. live the life you want to and be an example, don't just preach the words, as my new friend john, the retired journalism instructor, had told me today.