saturday night, it's windy out, you can hear it whipping against the windows. we are slowly starting to get to bed. the skyline is flickering down in the distant valley. it has been a while since leaving kunhui and john's home, we had stayed at josh's for several nights near hollywood. it was great seeing my good friend again, along with his great girl, connie. we met his roomy pride as well. really good guy. we shared some amazing meals there, with everyone pitching in to cook different nights, and shared in some good laughs as well. i had a great time staying there and i have to admit, it was like having a taste of the life we left behind, and i appreciated it for that, but we have to keep carrying on with this unknown path into the new. we are now at a couchsurfer, nicole's place in the west hills, where her and her family have invited us in to stay. we have been here for 24 hours and it has been great. a very relaxing day, meditative and calm, on the hill. we got to sleep in today like a lazy weekend at home, and nicole prepared a delish breakfast. we gladly offered to make dinner tonight to return the favor and as a thank you. once everything was prepped and complete we were able to sit down together, nicole, her mother and brother and adam and i, and it was a moment; a table of what were practically strangers a day ago, able to sit down in communion and share a meal like a family. inspiring. her mother, georgeann, thanked us for cooking this evening and i thought she was going to tear up. she is a great lady and i was happy we were able to thank her for the place to stay, even if it was as simple as an act of cooking, because I could tell she appreciated it, and that alone was worthwhile. image