3.2.13. saturday

back to hollywood.the travels put us back on josh's doorstep. it was the first place we thought to go to. luckily he welcomed us in. after returning to the city from west hills it was like a sudden force of the city's energy hit us in a swift wave. we were not used to the hustle after the hill's serenity had tamed us. we were able to meet with a friend not seen in a while, cheebo, who gladly came to pick us up and whisk us away for some city livin'. we met her and her friend dani and were on the way. rooftop pools, sunshine, apartment suites with wall-size windows. it was all a bit out of my element, yet good times just the same. they took us out into the hollywood scene for their nightlife gathering of friends and there we met quite a few faces, characters and the occasional goofball, with reserved tables and many costumes. it was fun to be in the atmosphere, though i was not one to get too hyped in all the clamor. i would be more content experiencing a serene, summit peak view. the pure joy was lacking, if you will. at least i can say i experienced a true hollywood scene and got to be with some good friends too, and that's all i can ask for. the sunday, a relaxing one of breakfast at cheebo's and unfortunately, no yoga that i was so desperately craving. i had previously spoken with a local CSer, lena, about meeting for the possible beach yoga sesh with her and her co-op mates. hopefully soon. i would enjoy the peace of it all. much of the day was spent perusing the internet for any interesting leads on the trip. what to do, where to go. ending the night with the documentary so many have recommended to us already, we watched "craigslist joe." an inspiring movie that made me rethink what we're doing on the trip as far as meeting good souls. we seem to be after similar things from the film, yet i still feel a higher calling than running around the u.s. on a tight schedule. i was rethinking how we have been taking our time and settling in places to experience and get a deeper look into people's lives. but deeper meaning is not relative to the amount of time, and is about connecting to these people on those levels achieved through spirit. taking the close look at "craigslist joe" gave me some powerful insight as adam and i discussed it into the night, and i think we can take from the film in terms of his actions and gusto throughout to keep a steady foot, but at the same time we have have a balance of stopping, pausing and taking time with the different places and people. our road is unknown at this point, as we determine our route out of the city in the coming days.







thanks to filip for the last shot above. good photographer and a good guy. here's his tumblr and website. all the best in your photography career.