3.6.13. wednesday

hollywood, pasadena and mt. lowe. leaving the city of angels tomorrow. had a good breakfast at house of pies yesterday with a great friend, bridgett, and were joined by our new couchsurfer friend steve. we hiked. we had dinner. we were kindred souls. a restful night with the brother and away to little tokyo we go.

jay treated himself to breakfast with pie

mt. lowe 12

mt. lowe 13

mt. lowe 9

mt. lowe 8

mt. lowe 5

mt. lowe 3

mt. lowe 2 mt. lowe 1


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5eaOmR41po] jay pretending to be jackie chan.

mt. lowe 11 mt. lowe 10 mt. lowe 7 mt. lowe 4 trailhead