3.8.13. friday

l.a. > arroyo seco > berkeley > s.f.we were on the open road again. this time with fellow couchsurfer sean. leaving josh's was difficult and simple at the same time, because we knew he needed to get back to his routine and life without us cutting into it, but we had to say goodbye to good friends and new ones alike... his place will definitely be a lot quieter now, i can tell you that much. we said our goodbyes on that cloudy l.a. morning and packed up sean's car. we were cruising out of the city and it felt grand. nothing to stop us then. made a quick visit to the college town of san louis obispo. very nice girls at the coffee shop who gladly helped us out. a quick loop around the campus to see it, then pretty soon it was green pasture and hill. arroyo seco to camp, gazing up at a million stars under a blanket of darkness. cool yet soothing to be back in her arms. this time it was san fran round two. an interesting next few weeks.





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