the man and the bird

there was a man. ingrained in his mind was a world of control, of choice only through his own decision. all consequence, cause and effect, only materials and organisms. this man was taken in by his beloved society. he learned from it. he was raised by it, believing it is the only and it is all that is right. this same system, so kind and grand, was consuming him slowly, just like every being and thing contained within. consuming, using, dying. the light, wisdom and helpful words of another who has seen other ways of life, of new meaning, was a flame. all of the sickness and old filth built up from the original system; the kindling. starting slowly in the corner and gradually growing and burning. a little flame, so simple and innocent, is one day cast upon by a force not unlike gasoline, poured uncontrollably, and with deliberate haste, nearly killing the man. a little flame springs to life. the space and filth are engulfed in a sudden and violent ball of heat, an energy never experienced before. the original structure of the man, the inner workings and framework built up and lovingly caressed by the original system are collapsing, charred wood and ash. a dark smoke; by-products of the filth and decay, envelops the air. everything of the consuming system, is itself, consumed by the growing force. all prior thought patterns; carbon. as if by glorified essence, a bird is rising from the carbon ashes. rebirth in a sense. another life. another dance.the systematic clock, of measure, tooled by man, is destroyed in the blaze. it's hands, stopped, it's tick, silent. the measurement is gone. the bird shows us a new measure of man, not by any tool or instrument. we take flight, wings pushing through the dense, black air to new heights, where a golden beam breaks through. a pathway is shown as the bird breaches into new freedom. a new awakening of the highest planes. pure joy. simple, elegant, peaceful existence. to not want this for one's self or for humanity is out of the question. to fly, to be free, to live in the heavens where a purity and zeal is true, not manufactured through false idols or petty increments of measure. it is from this breach that many others will follow. their paths need not be the same for such a result to take place though. no longer just a physical man, the spirit bird is fiery and has allowed him to reach a new plane, to become that of two worlds. to exist among the angelic and higher presence. there is a balance. a man, now a soaring bird, has it's gaze fixed upon this balance, this new existence that will be. the man and the bird, as one, are key.