3.30.13. saturday. bright eyes

there have been some good days here at the farm and there have been some great days. the rain is pattering on the window sill outside, and it's getting a bit late so i will try to be brief for sake of sleep. the five of us have bonded pretty closely in the past two weeks. tonight was the official two week mark, though not much time in the long run, it feels like months have gone by since we arrived at the farmhouse, afloat in a vast sea of almond orchards, mountains standing in the distance. our day-to-day activities consist of working on getting the sustainable garden started at the different locations, or just having a low-key, relaxing cup of joe while taking turns making breakfast. communal dinners in the evenings bring a lot of laughter, with numerous talks of possibility and change, of thank yous, gratitude and blessings. the neighbors may think us a bit weird, but leading yoga sessions in the backyard feels awesome and there's no denyin' that refreshed vibe flowin' through your body after a rigorous hour of stretch and meditation. not to mention any of the random jam sessions that break out for no apparent reason other than, at that particular moment in time, music was all that seemed right. a contagious mix of energy and vibration. with spring holidays upon us and certain people gathering to celebrate, it is my hope that everyone finds something they are grateful for, and a peace can come from that. i once heard that instead of fasting or giving up bad habits for this time of year, that one should promise to take up a hobby, or a day-to-day, all around good gesture, whether for one's self or for the good of others. now, i realize the time for this motion of setting down these bad habits has pretty much come and gone, but who really needs a time of year or a religion to tell them when to start changing for the better. i'm sure you're all creative enough to think up some way to change on your own, or at least offer up a kind, daily gesture to another. why not be rebellious and just start now, instead of listening to set guidelines and traditions? I'm going to bed with that on my mind and will let you know what my idea will be tomorrow. when this post finds you, i urge you to do the same and begin to make changes. you may get discouraged after a week or so, but keep in mind all of the good you could be doing. if you need reassurance, message me, email me, text me, whatever your style is, and i'd be happy to offer up an encouraging word. peace and love,

alexander johnny, a road beat

image adam says to start makin' changes or the "encouragement stick" might have to give you that initial boost... joking. We are really not violent road bums. just hungry once in a while.