nostalgia. a brief review of autumn electric.

image hey all, i recently had a chance connection with a band from out here in the northwest and found their work not only a great example of talent and passion, but a gem of good poetry and lyrical value. they call themselves the autumn electric. their recent album release, "make me a tree" which they introduced me to, reveals them as an eclectic group who's connection to their music stems deeper than a mere disarray of catchy lyrics or chords you'll receive from many other bands, taking the listener back on an ethereal journey through childhood nostalgia, familiarized in songs like "make me a tree" and "harold." the music rings with a dream-like quality of simple living, of warm teenage summers, where the parting of lovers, leaving to start school in the fall, was overwhelmingly powerful. though not meant in a depressing manner, these memories and strong emotions leave the listener with a spirited mood while the guitar melodies warmly melt the heart's cage. the main vocalist and songwriter, michael trew, writes with a personal flavor that can be related to, and leave fond memories traveling back to you, while hauntingly tasteful melodies of lauren zeck's strings carry you throughout the album's story. the album definitely shows a softer side of life, but still reveals a true melancholic grit through rock guitar riffs to accompany the lyrical angst that goes along with any path worth living. this was an ambitious album project and i was glad to have come in contact with michael and have the opportunity to hear his work. the band is involved in charity as well so you know they're awesome. the album was supported by a tour in early feb 2013, most of the shows were benefit concerts for grief recovery centers. check 'em out. you can stream/download the album right at

facebook: and here's a two minute interview video made by a local paper of their most recent cd release show: [youtube=]