4.3.13. resurgence on a random wednesday.

IMG_1508 a revival.

the leaving of our hometown was always tossed around in my mind. up until new years of this year, the journey only existed as a thought. not having lived outside of my hometown, stuck doing the same old same every week and weekend, monotony, hardly seeing any of the world. it was like suffocating at the bottom of a glass of childhood nesquik. a chocolatey, delicious beverage no doubt, one of life's sweet pleasures, but you'll get hooked by the comfort and soon realize such sweet pleasures have a darker side and pretty soon, you're scraping for more meaning to life than the false joys that were fed to you as a toddler... sorry, little carried away. (i still enjoy nesquik) leading up to the journey, a cleansing of the clutter, the rubbish and material that collected through life. numerous donations and craigslist ads made such a simplifying of life possible. then, with a collecting of the necessary gear, us green horn adventurers (my brother, his dog rosie and i) settled in with familiar faces of friends, as we adjusted to traveling out at our first stop, denver. after that, the unknown quickly came upon us in the form of a an empty, snow-packed parking lot, where we were dropped off with our bags and well-wishes from the same friend. definitely a first in my life, but as the trip wore on, it soon became quite familiar. we made our stops through this town and that, on our way out to the best of the west, california. the camping throughout much of the states was nonexistent, though there were a couple of nights where we had to bite the bullet and throw on every layer we had for some old-fashioned, winter camping. we high-tailed it across the country to escape the bitter cold winter. while doing so, we were taken in by some of the most awesome people. overwhelmingly caring souls who really back up the thought that if you spread and give off good energy vibes, you will attract the same. several times, we were taken in from the cold, or offered rides by different people. and so began the road of enlightenment and change, from the experience and amazement of how a kind stranger can simply give so much to someone they know so little about. it does not cease to shock me and every time i meet such a person, it renews the belief i have for humanity and its uphill climb towards a revival, a resurgence. we are all connected and if we take a moment, a breath, a step back, to realize this idea, we can all make motions towards a peace and utmost joy. at this point, the realization of this idea was becoming more apparent, our travels to the west had been a success as we had approached california.

california gold shines down on us from the sky each morning. we had made it! a tour down the coast from san francisco had us starting and stopping, running into metaphorical obstacles in our path, left and right, but such struggle builds character does it not? some rough nights searching for places to sleep, and a couple close calls with the short dick of the law wouldn't stop these beating hearts. we were on a mission. down through los angeles to take in the overwhelming city life, and back up through s.f. again, into the tiny, rural town of williams, where a breath of fresh air and the bucolic farmlands welcomed us in to rest. we are peacefully biding our time as we learn from our past experiences and are beginning to look again, on to our next destination in a couple of weeks. at this point it is completely unknown.

you might be wondering about the mission though. the funny thing is, how so much can take place during such an adventure, and such changes can be concentrated in a short span of time. i am not saying that my brother and i have lost our way from the true path or "mission" we originally set out on, but having learned much on the road, has allowed us to have a patience and a more open-minded perspective towards that which is our journey. having gone through some heavy stuff in the past, i do not know if it is fully possible to express what true intentions i had in my heart and spirit, that drove me to drop everything in life and set out here, but i can tell you that at this point, the community we seek with others, a spreading of love, and bringing people together in a higher state of true happiness are all parts of the scheme. i came out here to find happiness myself, but am now learning that as i find it, the good vibes need to be shared and passed on to others. one might not believe that they alone, as a single person, can create positive change to the world, but was not every idea, every revolution started from a single thought? here we are now, at a time where much of the world is becoming enlightened to the corrupt and the deceitful, and through use of their own social media, we now have access to immediate knowledge like never before in history and the spread of it for our own good. we are becoming in tune to better ways of living and how to live better lives. is that not worth working towards? i am out here learning each day with a hope to help even just one person find true happiness, if not the world. ambitious yes, but my single thought, my energy can create change. so can yours.

set down the metaphorical nesquik. or actually set the glass down if you're holding some, and spread some good vibes mon.

if you have any further questions about the travels and would like to learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch. we are out here doing this, not only to change ourselves, but more importantly for the sake of others, that they may be somehow enlightened or shown a way by the path we take. whatever your mantra for the day is, i hope you find it well, and that happiness finds you.

- adam jay, rosa lee and alexander johnny, road beats.