good ol' ralph


"to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -ralph waldo emerson

posted from my friends at the mind unleashed on facebook.

i wake up many days and ask myself who's path i'm really leading, someone else's or my own. it isn't always easy being you with everyone and everything bombarding you at all angles. i think that's why i write, to get out of the buzz that is surrounding me and take a moment to collect, to meditate

a meditation is not just a spiritual or religious thing, but can be performed by anyone of any belief or life path who simply wants to find a quiet moment to clear the clutter in their head and find some gorgeous clarity.

the simplest way of doing this is to find a quiet spot and with a slow, ten second count, focus solely upon taking slow deep breaths. pretty soon, you'll realize that focusing on something as simple as a breath will begin a natural clearing of the mind into a peaceful calm. then, making steps towards whatever decisions or challenges you face may seem a bit more manageable. in addition, just being yourself for that simple moment will be possible, as opposed to being tugged in 17 different directions.

try it out. see how you feel afterwards. if you have further questions I'll be happy to discuss.