windowthe recent times and events that have been unfolding here at the farm have begun to shine a new light on the trip; a golden ray on the hilltop. what i mean to say is that there has noticeably been a growth in fellowship and connectedness. to me this seems a new window, an opportunity to show through and on to the other side not unlike a step over the fence, or through a doorway. here are people that we have hardly known for a couple weeks, and its crazy that they have sparked so much change in us, living side-by-side with us for such a short period of time. allowing one's self to be honest and open, gives the spirit what it needs and with that, a new you can take shape, just as i am witnessing presently. like previously mentioned in my post entitled, "separate but together," the moment we part ways from here and spread to our next destinations, we will go on having benefitted from this meeting, a new facet to our being, gifted to one another, in order to better understand life and our connections with it. i don't know where my brother, rosie and i will be in a couple weeks, but the thought does not scare me. there are changes to be made and in order to do so, one has to take chances and allow a sort of guidance to take place, instead of white-knuckling your way through every step of life, trying to plan for every minute detail. here, now, i can let go of the wheel. what does the view look like outside your own window?