Recipe: Chia Chocolate Pudding

we at the farm family community here, decided to make this recipe: chia chocolate pudding, from the girls, sam and zoe at sage and poppy. if you like chocolate and being healthy at the same time, this chia seed mix is the superfood you need to try. it is commonly eaten by runners for its excellent antioxidant and health benefits towards such a taxing sport. thank me after. and thank the s&p girls. ... unfortunately, the pudding we made magically disappeared before a generic photo could be taken of the fine dish, so you'll have to view the photos at their blog... p.s. i do some casual writing for the girls over at sage and poppy now and again, supplying them with life outlooks from a guy's perspective, so I recommend you look at their work as well. click their link above and indulge in their creative works on life and living.