The shifting tides of thought.

The past week has been about shifts, changes. There has been some more solemn moments, more tense moments, moments of celebration and moments of peace. The part I am noticing is how this all affects me. as if the shifting waves of the different happenings and moods around me are pushing like an incoming tide would. Instead of trying to fight it, I can approach with a balance, and act, not react, towards a resolution instead. This makes for a much happier and peaceful me. The difficult part is more so achieving that balance in the first place and holding on to it, because it seems I get out of sync, and then other times I am much more "with it." It's just practice. Stay strong. image Image from the friends at the Mind Unleashed facebook.

While on the topic of acting towards a resolution, I have a post written on the Sage and Poppy blog titled, "Good ol' Ralph" and a man by the name of Jim visited and "liked" my page so naturally my curiosity sent me over to see what his writings were about. Jim's post, "Words to Live By: Celebration" is part of a series where he explains different words he put down in a workbook in order to help teach his young daughter these life lessons. He can explain it better than myself if you visit his blog: This one was about celebration. The part that stood out to me was his talk of celebrating the future events like they've already happened, as a way to bring happiness to yourself.

Now the question is, "how can I celebrate the future while I'm trying to be peaceful and balanced in the present moment?" Truth of the matter, you can maintain that present peace, while allowing those celebratory thoughts of goals you would like to accomplish wash over you as if they've already happened. In Jim's words, "celebrating 'IT' as already being reality brings in all kinds of good emotions, eliminates thoughts of conditions, limitations." this will give you a boost of happiness that will help you enjoy the present moment that much more. You might wonder how a simple thought could be such a big deal.

Emerson once said, "every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind." That thought may help you feel good in the present moment, which is great, but it will only remain there unless you stand up and allow that celebratory thought to begin taking shape in your life. A thought is a thought. A plan is a plan, but taking the steps and believing in it is a whole new beast of awesome motion. -alexander johnny