Sorry I have been nonexistent. The past week since Berkeley has been a whirlwind of commotion and choosing our next adventures. In the meantime, while I prepare new writings and insights for your reading and learning pleasure, our amazing friend Kristine has moved on in her adventures and left us with some kind words and a recap of some glorious moments. She said, "Man, I’m gonna miss this little family. Thank you so much for showing me this peaceful way of living, how to openly communicate in such a close group setting and for giving so much of yourselves. Thanks for shared moments, the laughter and even some tears."

A mere mortal may be embarrassed if they were in this video, but me, no. All I can do is laugh at this ridiculousness. Yes, please do laugh at me. Enjoy.



You can see Kristine's original post here and check out her writing. She's got skills, heart and soul. Thanks for being awesome girl. chooseyourdays.com.