Even the unknown has a purpose. Friday. 4.26.13.

We have left the farm. Having made connections there with Justin and also in Berkeley for our couchsurfing meeting, we are moving onward and towards shifts in the travels. Currently waiting out a ride from a fellow traveler next week, we have been thoroughly enjoying life and our time here. Recently, it has come to my attention that a fellow road beat of ours we have met while traveling, has been harassed and criticized and it made my stomach turn a bit when hearing the story.

It seems there is a website taking photos off of our friend's blog and posting them on their own website, to pair with the judgemental and disgustingly, black-hearted things they say about her. It seems her ideas of spreading her wings and gracefully chasing after a new way of life and new mindset is a bit too much for these people and they can't stand the sight of someone who is truly happy. I feel bad for that group, for being so caught up in their own filth that they feel the need to spread it around.

In response to such a group, and as a fellow traveler of the road, I will say that my life may not be so pristine or the past I have, not as pure, but the past is not important if what I am doing right now is happy living. I am making my own changes and putting down groundwork for myself and for others to follow. The past shaped who I've become, but does not need to be consistently lived in.

This trip has been one crazy adventure, but I don't know when the travels will stop. There have been many times that I miss where I grew up, but I cannot return right now and cannot say why. Not out of stubbornness, but purely because there is too strong of a calling for change in my ear to stop and go back to my old self. There is no physical destination that we need to get to. There is learning and an alternative way of living to formed. The whole trip may turn into the discovery of a new place to settle and call home but at this point that is not a priority. There are many homes we have been welcomed into but they are not for us right now. Greatly appreciated, and staying at each one was a blessing. The road is home right now, and the road is long. Our home is spread across many miles and throughout many locations.

What is our priority at this point?  My own thoughts, in summary, are to meet as many people, both true-hearted and not, and really get to know them, to share with them and help them out in any way we can. We're here to meet those people we're meant to connect with and through helping them, we all transform. Simple as that.

Meeting that group of travelers in Berkeley was a point of opportunity for me. It helped to show me why I am really out here traveling, by speaking with those like-minded individuals. Sometimes recently I have had my doubts about whether this trip is worthy of being a lifestyle, but their stories helped me to appreciate this path of learning, exploring and teaching that I am leading. In regards to my fellow road beat, I commend you for being so brave, for living and for being happy, despite the coldness of others who have not learned. In light of this I urge my readers to step out of the box. Go live a little. Go live a lot. But do it in a way that allows you to give to others, not to simply get a new experience or to get something out of it for yourself.

My perspective is reinforced by this post, and though I have no destination, a traveler does not need more than his or her own soul and a lust for adventure, to seek what is new and unknown. Forget others judgement. It is in the unknown, that this traveler, and everyone, who is traveling in one form or another on their life path, can find purpose. -alexander johnny.