Liebster Award. A blogger's sign of thanks.

liebster-blog-award Hey all, I have recently been receiving a little more feedback and readership from the blog and was graciously nominated by blogger and friend Jeannie, the girl behind Metamorphosis of Letters. She provides original work and useful insights on life to peruse daily. Thanks again J. If you follow the blog, or happen to stumble across it, thank you as well for reading. The blog is meant to be a learning and guiding tool, and part of a larger art piece that will take form in the future, but as for now, I document, I philosophize, I photograph and present this art to you in hopes you can get some form of help or guidance from it. Happiness is key. Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated and I urge you to take what you can from this artwork and proceed to transform your own lives and live happily.

I have to follow some rules governing this blog award. Those who will be nominated must also follow such rules.

  • First is to accept the award, post the picture of the Liebster Award on the top of post and say who nominated you for the award and list their blog site.
  • Rule number 1 is to list 11 random facts about me.
  • Rule number 2 is to nominate 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award and list their blogsites.
  • Rule number 3 is to notify the bloggers of their award.
  • Rule number 4 is to ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.
  • Rule number 5 is you don’t talk about the Liebster Award.
  • Rule number 6 you realize I just made up rule number 5 and 6 to be funny and you hopefully get the reference and laugh.
  • Rule number 7 is I answer the questions left for me by the blogger who gave me the award.

Eleven interesting facts about me:

  1. I would never talk to anyone when I was a toddler. Shyness?
  2. To supplement my extreme shyness in a very noticeable, but not purposeful way, my comfort was wearing a neon pink ninja turles ball cap. Inconspicuous, I know.
  3. My shortest relationship lasted a couple of hours. Playground love.
  4. I would much rather breathe in the air of a mountain's presence than the pompous air of a city.
  5. My art is not for others to understand.
  6. I was an American consumer, blind to everything else, but now I have opened my eyes.
  7. I am not good at drag racing..
  8. I am good at listening.
  9. Also making pizza from scratch.
  10. If I had the choice to either teleport or fly, I would fly.
  11. I used to work at a roller skate rink.

11 questions I provided answers to:

1. What is the most memorable event in your life? The moment Adam, Rosie and I set out on our journey of this new life on the road.

2. Why did you join WordPress? I joined in order to create this blog, as a way to help show others my philosophies, writings and examples of new ways to view life.

3. What song soothes your soul? This one.

Haha joking. I hope you watched that. You just got rickrolled. This song actually soothes my soul, while at the same time invigorating it. Sigur Ros "Glósóli" watch the movie here:

4. Who’s your favorite teacher? Eckhart Tolle

5. What makes you happy today? A warm cup of coffee, and the freedom of the road.

6. Do you believe in God? I believe in the presence and existence of such a power. "God" is merely one word, of many, made up by us in order to define this higher existence. So yes, but I do not exclusively use that word alone.

7. What certain experience in your life that made you think you’re a lesser person? Anytime someone is angry with me. I feel at fault.

8. Do you always experience the so-called writer’s block. If so, what do you usually do? Yes. I turn the mind off, or decide not to write and go do something else for a while.

9. Do you like classic literature? Why or why not? Yes. It gives us a look at the author's thinking in the setting they were in and how that affected their life, how they grew during it. It's a learning process for me.

10. Who inspires you a lot to be a writer? My friend Nate once told me (the visual artist) that anyone can be a writer. They just have to read. Then just begin writing. My separation of writing and visual art became dissipated and the two ideas became one creative flow.

11. If you’re to dedicate one poem to me, what will it be and why? It's not a poem but a quote, in regards to your dreams to do what makes you happy.

"When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” ― John Lennon


Blogs I nominated:


I have notified the authors I have chosen for the award as well, and they can answer the following questions however they wish. Congrats all. I chose your blogs because your writings have impacted me and offered me light at some point on my journey. Cheers. - alexander johnny.

Here are 11 questions for you to answer:

  1. Would you rather teleport or fly? And why? (I ask everyone this ha.)
  2. You're handed a plane ticket that leaves in the next hour. Where is it going and what one thing do you pack with you?
  3. On the way to the airport, you find another ticket on the ground. Who do you take with you or who do you give the ticket to?
  4. What is one quote that changed your path in life?
  5. Have you read Rilke's first letter in the book Letters to a Young Poet? If not, as a writer and creative, you should read the first letter, then get back to me with your insights.
  6. Do you enjoy the song, "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire? Well you should. This song gets anyone in a good mood. Give it a listen:
  7. Do you focus more on your mind or on your soul? Watch Jill's TED Talk.
  8. Would you rather live in the country side or in the city?
  9. What is one book you recommend to others in need of a jump start to life?
  10. What time of day do you do most of your writing?
  11. Finish this sentence: "In order to be less fearful of what others think about me, I..." (what you would do, say, think, etc.)