The new changes have begun. Moving from farm towns, back to the city, then back to the wild.

new changes  

We have been making a lot of moves lately and have suspended work on the blog in the past month. New ventures and changes await as we've built up quite an extensive collection of photographs and knowledge along with experiences that are more valuable than a green piece of parchment with some guys face scrawled on it.

Appreciate this photo for it's intimate simplicity and bliss. Or hate it. The true point of my art is that it is for my understanding and that you are entitled to your own judgement and in bringing your own experiences to the table when understanding it.

Let this photo be a sign of taking time in the day to learn a little more about yourselves. Go seek out a new experience or a getaway of sorts, if even for a moment, and let the moment soothe your endlessly buzzing mind. Good bye for now. -a