A problem? Or a challenge? (And a kind gesture to top it all off.)

In light of recent events, it seems the travels are going at a slower pace now. Consider this an incubating period. There are times when we need to be immersed in all that is new and learn from it, while other times we need to meditate on what was just learned, grow from it, develop that learning. This way the learning will bring you closer to your goals, to help formulate new ones, and above all else, become that much better of a person. A problem or challenge that comes to mind when growing as a person is how much do you really allow others to affect your own path/goals? There is a constant bombardment. A constant judgement. I have recently received such judgement this past week. The person said that I am not working in a full-time job, so therefore I am considered "lazy" and need to get a job "like the rest of society." They seemed to be saying that if they're putting in all of this work each week to buy all of these "nice things" they have in life, then I should too, instead of bumming off of other people.

There's a difference between working a job because it's the accepted norm in society and you feel obligated to follow such a path in order to maintain the status quo and never see yourself veering from such a path.


There are those who do work, whether it's 40 hours, or even five hours a week, in order to have the available funds or skills to achieve what it is that makes them happy. I'm not talking about material goods here folks, but actual ideas, and experiences. The spices of life.

I do what I need to do in order to achieve happiness, not what society says I ought to do in order to fall in line.

(Alex steps off of soapbox.)

versatile-blogger-awardP.S. a friend, Owen, who happens to write a very intelligent and insightful blog called "A Mindful Traveler," recently nominated me for the versatile blog award and proceeded to share this link. I had never read this specific letter before, but go ahead and take a look. I'm sure you'll recognize him. The power of change against societal norms is not something unheard of in the past, yet people still treat new ways of thinking or living as absurd or wrong. That's why we show them differently.

Here's to knowing a bit more about the road beat that I am: 1. Everything I own is located here with me in a pack, on the road, aside from a few spare clothes, some musical instruments and books left back at home.

2. I do not think that enjoying one's travels consists of running from lookout point, to landmark to other touristy icon as fast as possible, but involves a much slower process of getting to know the space your are in and the people who make it up.

3. I try to ask myself at least once a day, "what can I bring to this experience" instead of constantly expecting or thinking, "what will I get from this experience."

4. I'd rather be silent and simple, than loud and overbearing, but sometimes it cannot be helped. (Working on this.)

5. My time management skills are not up to par lately. If you have any tips that'd be amazing and appreciated.

6. I am a creative being. The newest piece will be a photo suite for everyone to view my newest work. I don't talk about what the work is. You'll see it and you'll know.

7. Lastly, this one is more so about all of us. Here's to the one's who face judgement daily, the ones who dream, whose ambitions know no boundaries. We are ridiculed and hacked down from our soaring heights by the ones still caught in the muck. You are me. I am you. We can all create the ideas and changes we want, not by talking about such ideas to those that bring us down, but simply showing them. Cheers.

These are several blogs I have recently followed who I have connected with in some way. These writers shared great insights with me, some shared laughter, and others a good memory. Take a look. They're awesome people.

  1. dreaminginarabic.wordpress.com - Jolandi and I had a pleasant conversation the other day. Her adventures and dreams have taken her to faw away places. Go see what she's up to.
  2. lorenaharper81.wordpress.com - Lorena has a loving heart and a kind soul. Her writing is intuitive and I am sure there is something on her blog you will connect with.
  3. aopinionatedman.com - Awesome blog. Just visit it.
  4. breakroomstories.com - I used to serve tables. This blog is an amazing window into the world on the other side of the table from the ungrateful customers who are NOT always right. Haha.
  5. dyandiamond.net - Dyan's truth and guidance are great. She has offered me help along my path and is truly a great soul. Thanks.