Do whatever it is you want in life. But don't be an asshole. 

Life can't get more simple than that. 


Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone thinking about taking the big step themselves, into becoming an artist in their own right?

A: My advice to someone thinking about plunging in is to take a six month sabbatical from your ‘regular life’ and work really hard every day on your art. At the end of six months you’ll know. I know that for me, the more I work the more inspired I get and the more I want to work. (Native American artist Aaron Paquette)

I moved to Los Angeles two summers ago after working/traveling in Australia and New Zealand for a year. Before that, I stayed in Denver, CO the past couple years. The travels were another chapter now that Denver is behind me. I gained new insights, new experiences, and new work all throughout the trek. My goals have changed a bit while out traveling and I have decided to push my focus towards my music, while keeping up with the art as more of a side project and to promote my self. 

I released this new personal brand in order to better share the different work that I do with others under one name: The new project, Alexander Johnny Beat is all about music, life, and the connection of creativity throughout it.

Please contact me here for permission to use any and all original work.

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Alexander Johnny Beat is a creative space for music, photography, life's observations, lyrical genius and milk steak. 

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