A unique article to come across.

westworddumpster I am one to take a day, and instead of following a specific agenda, I follow no set of rules or guidelines, no schedules or meetings and proceed to do for myself whatever it is I want. An artist day. Today is that day, and if you are keen on finding more time for yourself, or just would like to spur some more creativity and drive, then I urge you to do the same. You can literally do whatever you want. It's that simple. Go to a new part of town, go to a shop, go for a trail hike, go do whatever. But don't meet with friends. Just go on your own and let the experience happen.




Here is an article I came across while on my own outing today. Very unique and interesting that it was just sitting on the table I sat at. http://www.westword.com/2013-07-25/news/living-off-the-grid. It speaks of off-the-grid living from a free periodical that you can find around the city.


Alexander Johnny.


P.S. go take your artist day, and let me know how it goes or what insights you come up with. Thank me later.