A few new changes.

To all of the gorgeous people who are connected to my blog in one form or another. This is a simple post. Quick. To the point. There are many changes happening in this world, and that being said, change does not need to be viewed as a bad thing even though it is often times associated with a negative connotation and unfamiliarity. View the change as it is and let the good come of it instead of always assuming the worst. Furthermore, "ajourneyofsorts" is undergoing said changes as well, and will soon be moving its location. Do not worry. The writing and blogging along with new photography will still be maintained and updates will be provided throughout so as to not lose or leave anyone behind in the abyss that we call the internet.

While updates are being made and new elements configured, take a moment to follow this new twitter account, (you know you want to) which will be an easy way for everyone to stay in touch and up to date. Follow me here. 

Thanks so much for all of your support as we continue to grow and learn from each other. Don't inhibit yourself from chasing down a dream just because you don't think it can be done. Your thoughts change everything, and those thoughts lead to action. Let those thoughts lead to positive action and become who you want to be. Help each other out. Wear sunscreen. Cheers mates. -Alexander Johnny