Denver. 26 hours later.


Well, after 26 hours on the road, driving straight back from Ohio, my brother and I considered ourselves kings of the road. We were welcomed across the border by this beautiful view of our sinking sun quickly being swallowed up by the low-lying clouds on the horizon. We soon found out after reaching the limits of the city, that those clouds were in fact a thunderstorm that opened the sky up with a brilliant display of lightning.

Some unfortunate news I should probably share with you, is that while out in OH my hard drive decided to quit on me so I am working computerless for now without an idea when I will be back up and running. So plan on seeing some short and sweet posts in the near future, which is about all I can handle, working from this tiny phone. The longer writings and awesome ideas I have floating around will just have to wait to be written down.

Be well.