Changing Daily.

So if you haven't been keeping up, I recently got back to Denver from visiting my home in Ohio. The time spent visiting family was great, having not been home from my travels in almost a year. During the awesome trip, I had an unfortunate run-in with some computer trouble, and a hard drive crash caused me to lose, well, everything. I know, rookie mistake, not backing up my files. I felt like such a noob. But here I am making strides once again, new hard drive, new fire burning inside me. I have nothing left from the past work I have done but I am taking this as a fresh start, and with that, my negative outlook on this computer sitch is pretty nonexistent. It's quite positive actually. With all of this news going on, and the past getting set behind me, I'd like to dive right into some questions, some answers, some ideas and the like. First off, there are a couple of things I would like to divulge about my time away from the screen. Having a dead piece of technology, though challenging to the normal routine, is possibly one of the most freeing experiences in this society. I don't think I can compare it to summiting the Rockies, but honestly it is close up there. I could step away from the technology for a while, and was able to reconnect with those experiences that are often overlooked, such as biking to the park in the middle of the day when normally I would have been working on the computer. I was able to jump back into some extra yoga classes at the studio I work at and take part in more than just a couple of classes that week. I went home early and got to spend some time hanging with my brother instead of burning the candle at both ends and jumping from the job into a cafe to salvage their wi-fi over cups over lukewarm coffee and tired eyes. I've been rambling a bit here so let me cut to it by saying that one can really step back from their routine, take a look at this busy work that is constantly bombarding their schedules and appreciate some simple moments once in a while. It won't hurt any, trust me. It's so simple yet so difficult for many, who, even though they have the best intentions to make moves to rest in the park, or try to make more time for their family, just can't seem to do so. Here's your solution folks. Unplug. 

I am taking from this past week's lesson learned and jumping right into my next statement. All of the recent events have granted me new insights. I am making changes daily, and to go along with my hard drive crashing and losing all of my past art work, I am realizing that sitting in the past is not doing anything for me. Those daily changes are happening and I am not the same person I was yesterday, an hour ago, or even a minute ago. There's no need to sit in the pool of remorse or regret from past events when you are whoever you want to be at this very moment. That's all you need to tell yourself. (Mic drop baby) - Alexander Johnny.