Artists with drive AND good vibe.

So this was a long time coming in regards to me typing this up but I am happy to say I finally was able to sit down and write it. And not for my own sake but to direct the attention to two people whose efforts and work are for the greater good of our planet and humanity. Two awesome people who I have done work recently with in the past had some great projects come up that I have been wanting to share with the readers on here.

Abby Ray, who I have known for several years since the day we first sat down in a coffee shop to talk collaboration, has been an inspiration and an angel. Her newest project she informed me about is her work with the charity and peace organization known as Team Green World (TGW). With the help of Little Eden's Studio in Nashville, Abby and TGW went ahead and created an awesome piece of music to help support Feed Lucas County Children, an organization from hers and my hometown of Toledo. I am sure you will enjoy listening to "Love Can Feed the World" below or visit TGW's website here. In addition, go ahead and support Abby here on CD Baby where you can purchase the song for a mere buck. Love you Abby.

Image from the Red Cross website.

Additionally, my great friend Bob Milano has also been making moves with his own music in the local scene back home. A recent album was put together this past spring season in order to promote local Toledo music and give back to the Northwest Redcross charity and was sold throughout the northwest Ohio region. You can't beat that. Two great causes in one. Bob Milano graciously contributed his time and talents  to the track list amongst some other great Toledo artists like Alyson Stoner and Crystal Bowersox. You can catch the full track list here at the Red Cross website. Well done my good man. Wish you all the best as we finish up this second half of 2013.