Much of the writing has been taking place in my journal lately in a more poetic form. Lyrics. A more inward type of focus. I have been taking much of the time that I spend and drastically changing up my motives, my direction, what I am putting as priority and why. I recently saw an article from a great author that I follow about being fruitful vs. just doing busy work. I have taken much of it into consideration and practice lately. Thanks Kristin.

One of the segments that really stuck out to me was this quote:

One of the most common phrases in the English language? “If I could only find the time…”

Okay, sorry to break the news but time isn’t hidden in the couch cushions like loose change, Cheerios and that remote control we haven’t seen in a month. We can’t find time. We’re given time. How we spend it’s our choice.

Awesome words. I feel that much of the running around and busyness that I was involving myself in was merely for the sake of feeling important. I was afraid that if I stopped doing, doing, doing, then I would  be observed as wasting my time and the things I do would not be considered pointless. I am not sure if this makes sense. It doesn't really make sense to me either. All I do know is that by re-prioritizing and shifting the progression, I am being much more aware and focused on the type of openness that is my ability. I am being much more selective in what I am doing based on how important it is to me or how much it coincides with my direction. I have the ability to change, develop, grow and create my own reality in ways described by a friend and mentor lately. Thanks Sarah.

We can manifest all that we are and all who we are in a very perceptive manner. When we realize who we are, amazing things happen and everything around us feels brighter. We are the light that shines bright each and every day. - Sarah (a friend)

I am creating and realizing. I am a doer. I am a seeker. I do not want knowledge for the sake of knowledge or power. Knowledge is of the mind. It is how you utilize the tools of the mind and through the use of those tools that you can transform your own spirit and reality, into that of a peaceful state. There has been too much "I" in my life and not enough presence. This is realization.

I have a desire to get back to California. This might seem like a random statement but it is one of my directions I am looking at. In the spirit of the moment, here are some originals from a couple of years back when I stopped in L.A. to stay with some friends. I was lucky enough to find these and several other awesome photos on a random flash drive of mine. Pretty much all that remains from the hard drive crash last month.

Take a moment to gander and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am slowly building back up a brand new portfolio and may include these in there. There will definitely be prints available for viewing and to order. I am not one to really sell my art, but if you are attached to the pieces, and would like to offer donations once they are up online, I would accept with great appreciation as a brother.


I hope that each of you will take the time, time that is already there and ready for you to grab up and create whatever moment you want, and look at your own direction. Let that moment be reality if even for an instant and then just go.

It's life baby. Peace and love. - Alexander Johnny