I am an unreasonable man, boy, young adult, kid, gentleman, etc...

It has been a bit since I posted. Here is a little something I have been looking at as means for motivation, that I am passing along as a messanger, because I feel guilty for leaving you all for so long, and think this rich piece of delicious truth will help ease my being away. I am an unreasonable man. Watch the video and you will understand the quote. Many times I would say to my friends and family that I would never work a full-time gig, and lord have I put up a good fight. The 3 months of solid, full-time (or should I say "hard-time") was excruciatingly painful to the spirit and to my creativity. The hilarious part is that it was a graphic design gig so there's an ironic slap the the glamourous commercial world. Now go ice your face. (The commercial business world, not you)

Here's to staying true to your unreasonable-ness and your tendency to follow your heart. Practicality is mediocre and will only get you mediocre. Ummmmm...... No thanks.

Peace and love. Enjoy.

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Go escape your own job. - Much appreciated for this one John. And a thanks to Erin for connecting me.