just a bit more

Just a tid bit more here all you readers, scourers and perusers of the endless web abyss. Bear with me. If you are struggling with your creativity or think you are not a creative person, this is for you. If you are like me and are always trying to perfect, prick, poke, fine-tune and always waiting for that perfect moment to show your hard work to the world, this is for you. It is time to ship, to do, to perform, to present. But as Chris Brogan so bluntly puts it, don't just ship or produce shit to say you did and have it done. Make it a good piece of work and then put it out there to the world. It does not need to perfect. You get better as you go. You are going to thank me later. Maybe personally, maybe in your own thoughts, or maybe not at all and your internet ADHD will take over before that ever happens. Or you might just not want to read this at all. Which is totally fine. It is not meant for your reading at this time. No big.

Onward and upward.

YES. These first two posts go together. http://www.chrisbrogan.com/shipvsshit/ http://itstartswith.com/2013/05/less-more-done/

YES MORE. http://itstartswith.com/2011/01/lessons-from-less-9-it-will-never-be-as-you-expected/

OH YES. http://itstartswith.com/2010/11/sources-of-inspiration/

There. I'm done. Sarah Kathleen is behind itstartswith.com. I recommend her work. Thanks Sarah. Chris Brogan I am somewhat new to reading, so you will be new to his work with me. It's pretty good so far though. Thanks Chris.

Thanks guys for being awesome people.