The 30 Day Challenge and that new chapter.

Hello all. How are you? How are you really doing? Not in regards to that mediocre, polite response we give out to everyone who happens to catch us with a greeting on the daily. It's my hope that you are on the up and up. But if you are like me, there are those days where certain elements may just be bombarding you externally or internally. It's difficult and trying, but we get through it. We develop new inspirations the next day and those carry us into our next ambitious goals. This is a piece of text from my journal in which I have been writing about that exact subject. About taking yourself from the rut and beginning to accept the changes you are making, not holding on to what is comfortable and familiar, and allowing your inspirations to progress you higher than before.

"It has been some time since my last journal entry and my writing to you. Let me just start by saying that this is not an update of the past several months. Those have happened, and are in the past. Let this journal entry be a look to the now. I have learned much since my time out west began almost a year ago, and my brother's and my return to CO. We like it here, though my spirit is restless still. I have much to experience and learn. I don't know what the next season will hold, the coming 2014 or the next five years even. What I do know is that from today on, I will be making strides to be the man for which I am named: "Alexander" A leader. Perhaps not in the sense that my following will be in the multitudes, but a leader in my own path for others to see and learn from, and maybe even to follow.

I am writing to state this as the beginning of that next chapter I have ben speaking of so much lately. I am not here to accept or deny judgements though I know they will come.. An artist is creating for his or her own benefit. To grow. Selfish-sounding to an outsider, but that's not of importance. It is not for them to fully understand. I have been speaking of re-prioritizing and so I have stopped saying, "I don't have time for this thing I want to do.." or, "I don't have time for that." My time is what I make it and so have begun putting my schedule toward the activities that I need most.

I still work for the "man" as means to get by in the working society we live in. Fighting it is and was a difficult battle that I have no desire to spend energy on, that can be used for more productive purposes. Although, I do hope to become sustainable in my own right outside of the working class. I am learning from others like me though, mid-twenty-somethings who are taking their hand out of the mainstream norms of work and the dying "9 to 5" and are choosing their own paths.

I choose to be independent. But with support from those like me. I choose to be fit, balanced in mind, body and spirit. I am always learning. I am choosing to set the mindfulness and busy thoughts down when they are not needed.

I have decided to begin a 30 day challenge as a way to not only jumpstart my next portfolio from the ground up after a recent computer crash, but also to hone my creativity, to explore, to write and to speak.

My 30 day challenge is this: A new photo from "A Journey of Sorts" and the continuing brand as it evolves, and a compatible writing to with each as a way to connect my visual and writing. This challenge is not only a way for me to look within and understand my own drive further, but also a way to look outward, to this city I have been in for half a year. A way to continue the travels originally set out on last January. It is my hope that I can develop this project into a steady base to work off of, and continue the creative process following the 30 days while pushing further into the heart of discovering my life's work and path.

It has been on my mind through talking with fellow writer/live-life-er/great friend, Erin, that I may take a step back from my original plans with the blog and as I move on to bigger projects. Her recent move to begin a similar venture is what sort of kick-started me to really look at what I was doing with my own blog and my own life. I am seeing now that through molding "A Journey of Sorts" into following what I am doing, that this blog is becoming my work, my growth, my learning, after watching it become static over the past couple of months.

Do not wait up for me. Don't leave the light on, burning for my return. I am new. I am gone, left for my next adventure and don't intend to come back to the theoretical "here" that is "now." I might sound harsh in saying this, but I mean not to be. However, I do mean to be as truthful and honest as I can. A transparent soul.

Please let my words ring to you in any way that helps you or moves you, whether positively or negatively, for it is not possible to fully comprehend another being or thing. (Eckhart Tolle explains this in "A New Earth") The same goes for understanding an artist and their art. Then, just go."

That was the text from my journal, and in displaying this, it is my hope that a little more light has been shed on what I am going to be doing in the coming few months and into 2014. This is not just a challenge for me to create 30 new photos and call it a day, but is all about the process and growth that will come from it and ongoing into what is next or what it becomes. Just a plan for now, which can easily change. The future is not written by a plan, so therefore the plan will change, but for now, come with me on the next part of the journey as we both learn and grow in our own unique ways.

-Alexander Johnny

This is day one starting now. The best of days to start. Now.

A journey begins, another continues.

"This is not a simple entry way into what lies beyond, but a rite of passage, where the learning that one had to do was necessary, and from here on, the egoic "I" we all use daily, will never be the same again." -A.Johnny