30 Day Challenge - Day 2

30DC Day 2The city's streets were cold. A chill wind gathered mist in its gusts, leaving a subtle dew on my jacket. Today was about recovery. Physically, from a slight cold that has halted much of my work the past week. Mentally from the struggle of the mess. Spiritually from the recent rut I am getting out of. I walked to work today with a stride much like my new direction with this project: somewhat shuffled, disheveled, but constant none-the-less. I can't be held back that easily. The goals I have and a solid mindset hold me true. A mist may shroud sights ahead but the view becomes clear once that point is reached. All the while, making moves between each point. -Alexander Johnny

Had to add this little bit in here so if you're just checking in on the 30DC, be sure to look back at the previous postings to view other photos from the challenge. You can follow the daily posts via twitter as well with #30DC on my profile @alexjohnnybeat. Peace and love.