30 Day Challenge - Day 8

image What if I had never left the block? What if I had never left my hood? What if I had settled down and started a next generation childhood? When I'm sitting, wishing, I know I can make it happen because I know who I am and know who I'm not. I can't pretend the stars don't exist when they're all that I've got. You can sit and pass the time, whistle and rhyme. You can act sublime, sitting in the media's line. But what are you waiting for? What world are you making this life for? It can't possibly be yours. I'm sorry to prod but I can't be the sideline third string waiting on a fateful play. Will that day come? Will the training be set down? I'm in this game, I'm in the play because I chose to. Not when some bloke steps over, lets me out just to go through all the set actions and plays written in a predetermined plot. You got to be joking. I'm not.

On the train and I'm gone.

-Alexander Johnny

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