30 Day Challenge - Day 11

30DC day 11My path lies here before me. Long and winding. No one said this'd be easy. Who am I kidding, try me, the life is simple once you accept the facts. Once you're willing to sacrifice, once you're willing to lay down those who hold the knife to your throat because you're different, because you make your own choices. Independent. I'm not going to sit here and kill myself slowly, playing the trivial games, running through life in a chemical haze. Your toxicity precedes you, please how can you not see through the madness that blinds. Let me be the one to lead you through a different light. Lay your judgements down on the table and wait to see how much I care. I'm not pulling a seat up to eat what you preach for breakfast. That's your treat. Let me be the one to tell you what the best is. I ride high. Higher than the ones who occupy this lost land. I'm on my way, supporting on my own hand and these "selfish" accusations, they just wither and die. Peace and love as I move past the recent judgements and resentments I receive for changing my own stars, for striving to be the spirit that resides within. -Alexander Johnny

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