30 Day Challenge - Day 20 woot

Well this officially marks the 2/3 point of the challenge. Hope you are feeling inspired. Or if you have just been sittin' around pickin' ya nostril until the aliens come, then that's ok too. I don't hate. Onward and upward for this scholarly gentleman. 30DC day 20Like searching through the darkness when you can't find the light switch. Three mice took this one a little too far, but here I am back up, on par. Even Tiger could tell you, you know you got it when you got it, you're going where you're going, though it seems like days, weeks, moment. Years, tears. The work put in is all part of the life. People die trying to find this bliss. Fighting, swearing, weapons blaring. You're digging yourselves deeper. You're sure as h**l going to miss the target. Mark it. To sin is to miss. Hearken. You're off-key by a long shot if you think this game's about being the winner. You're ear's so full of port-a-john filling. Doo-doo dinner. Mmm. Chopin. Sit tight. Hope you brought your appetite. Here's your fork an' knife. Sit down and realize. Set the table for one though 'cause that's definitely not food network material. No Reservations here. Happy cooking Martha.

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