30 Day Challenge - Day 23

30DC day 23

Can't see over to the other side, but I can't stop, I can't hide who I am or what I am doing. Theres too much at stake. What are you going to do? Sit around and watch the sun bake? There are animals running the show here. Do they speak for everyone with the selfish choices they make. Give me a Kit-Kat. Heart attack. Sit down, realize where your head's at. I'm not going to make your decisions for you but let me go and recreate the picture for you. One life, many lives, whichever you believe, sitting around wasting away isn't going to give you any sort of reprieve. You seek pleasure day-to-day, you get old you fade away. You wrinkle and wither, your speech turns to a whisper. One day. Here's a little idea for you to rest your head on, contemplation, while your mind sobers up from the chemical sedation. Breathe, be still, be calm in the storm, but don't mistake calmness for procrastination, incarceration from living the life. Your calm soul is within, your unwavering action is resulting, to go and do, to be, and see. To put forth your own joy. Lay down the external pleasures and circumstance. Take this chance, take this shot. It might be the last you've got. -Alexander Johnny

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