30 Day Challenge - Day 24

30DC day 24I am feeling like you are all getting to know me very well. Or at least, gain a better insight into the self-expression that is me. I have recently been hit with a lot of changes, both saddening, and good. I think that it is ok in some form to let those affect you, but to dwell in solemn days without action is only hurting worse. We must pick up, gather ourselves, brush off that dust, and continue to live. A rocket goes in one direction. This is the result of the fuel matter that exists and burns within. Let your own burning soul drive your direction from within. Brothers and sisters. There are things happening in and on this world that we have no control over. We may assume all is stable and under control, but everyday is uncharted and new. Don't feed and fall into the dark. The greed over those in leadership roles will not help us. Following them blindly as if they will care for us is both unwise and has never led us in the right direction. Take up your own existence into your own hands and express the concern for your own existence on this earth, for your family's existence, for future generation's existence. Be well, calm and strong. -Alexander Johnny Be sure to look back at the previous postings to view other photos from the challenge. You can follow the daily posts via twitter as well with #30DC on my profile @alexjohnnybeat. Peace and love.

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