30 Day Challenge - Day 27

30DC day 27The silhouette running toward the light. Headlights. Steamline. Brake lines. Broken. Divine. Your fast-paced life and your fast-paced mind got you running on the wheel, sipping from the nipple. The rodent life never looked so good after you were through. Drunk behind the wheel, highway lines blur by. Alvin and the Chipmunks couldn't hit that squeal. Peel. Suddenly you realize that the real lie was this whole life, cased in a glass box, chips and rocks. Ridiculous. Freedom to the sky, you climb, bye-bye. "Ha ha," you say, "Ta ta." The world's what you make it. Get off the wheel and take it, Alvin. It's like this. -Alexander Johnny Be sure to look back at the previous postings to view other photos from the challenge. You can follow the daily posts via twitter as well with #30DC on my profile @alexjohnnybeat. Peace and love.

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