30 Day Challenge - Day 28

30DC day 28 There comes a time, a very moment, when every man or woman realizes, perhaps not fully, but to the slightest degree, his or her potential. The willingness to achieve that potential and his or her own dreams can be made into a reality not by simply waiting on it, but by being proactive and living life openly. Proactive to the idea that yes good things are meant for us, but we don't just sit on the couch until the pizza delivery man brings you a large pepperoni with a side order of awesome. Sorry y'all, you'll go hungry waiting on that one. Openly with the idea of being honest to his or her self and to others, knowing that others will cherish your raw openness and thank you for it.

You will make sacrifices, you will have ups and downs, you will fall, step up, take charge, lead, but also listen to others. You will smile, laugh, frown, cry, live up, live down, low, high.



Once you realize that life is difficult at times, the simplicity is called down. Bring it baby. I make a damn good pizza if we're being honest here. The delivery guy can save his car some miles and his breath. Face the light. Peace. -Alexander Johnny

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