30 Day Challenge - Day 30

With it being the 30th day of the challenge, marking the end of this series, I hope you are as excited as I am for the next chapter, and are able to hold back the anguish over such a sad moment... but don't worry, because I'm certainly not done taking photos. The photos will continue, but in a more scheduled rhythm through the week. Same goes for the lyrics, which will be intermingled in with the photos, and along with other posts and updates as we branch away from the challenge and into the new.The challenge, being difficult in itself, was very much a learning experience for me and an extremely progressive time for me in my work, my work flow, my process and my personal moments to really sift through and feel what it is I am talking about. I am so happy to have gone through such an experiment and am already going to be looking at further ways to challenge myself like this in different areas of life. If you were around and able to follow a majority of the art, I hope it was beneficial to you in some way, whether inspiring, something to laugh at, to think about, to change your outlook/perspective, etc. Lastly, I would like to point out a funny syncronicity of the dates that we fell upon with this challenge's end. Not having planned out the dates in any way, because I merely wanted to start the challenge as possible, the end of this 30 days meshed perfectly with me leaving tomorrow to go into the wild Utah for a week with a good friend of mine to hike the backcountry. Pretty crazy how that happened. With that being said, I am pumped to get out of the city and in to some wilderness to achieve some well-earned peace of mind and clarity.

In closing of the challenge, I have a been running around the city nonstop to make this work happen, and in doing so have sacrificed a lot of time away from the apartment where I pretty much go only to catch some shut-eye. Do I call it my home? I most certainly do. Thing is, as I have touched on the theme of "home" before, and am bringing it back up because of the minimal amount of time I have hardly spent in my own physical home. My home, exists in many different fashions, in many different places and with many different people. It is not really the physical walls and roof that make up a home for me, but is moreso a state of being and existence. A level of comfort and peace with one's own self where they can really be content in any given situation. Now don't take this literally and assume I am going to walk into the next applebees I see, throw my shoes off and start ruffling through the fridge for a midnight snack. Although that's not a bad idea... anyone else hungry? I am home with the idea that things change, people change, situations and problems come up, but building up your own solid foundation within is key in helping you to really go through life with a unique confidence and ability to adapt with ease and grace. Your comfort factor from such graceful presence in this whole scheme is going to give you that smooth transition of a home-like state wherever you find yourself. There is physicality to the home along with home being a state of your own self and how you connect your soul to all else.

I am home. image

Thanks again y'all for keeping with it. If you follow this blog I'm sure take your burgers like I do, with a good smothering of awesome-sauce. We all know who the sauce boss is here though. In order to give you an idea of my coming travels and the amazing pictures you will experience, I have myself exploring the wild Yosemite below. Yes, I was in Yosemite adventuring with only a tshirt and no that is not a hanging photo. Sheesh give this guy a break for dreamin a little bit. Peace.


Be sure to look back at the previous postings to view other photos from the challenge. Peace and love.