In the city of Denver

It has been a couple of weeks since returning back to the city. The holidays are coming up for everyone here in the U.S. among other countries of similar religious and cultural ceremony. With that, you can always count on consumerism bringing out the crazies and their shopping wars. Black Friday is a horrible day and should not be in existence. Is all of that junk you NEED to buy really worth all of that chaos and stress? I'll go ahead and answer that question for you, "Nope." Anyways, hopping off of the soapbox there, and getting to the point. Being back in the city has not been a simple transition, though I have to say it has its comforts, such as the huge, warm meal my buddy and I shared as soon as we got back to Boulder from the frozen tundra that was Utah. The best part was, getting back and then that week, being slammed by a massive cold snap here in the western U.S. With bone-chilling temps pushing well below zero for a good week, and plenty of ice on the roads, schedules and days were set in to a state of madness as well. I was completely caught off guard when that said cold left my recently purchased car unusable due to a clutch problem from frozen transmission lines. On the coldest week I've ever experienced here in Denver to boot. Let me tell you, Utah really pushed my cold tolerance to a new level, but after walking through this week of cold to get around the city, really pushed that tolerance to new roofs, on top of helping me realize why I shelled out a few bucks for the truck in the first place thankfully.

The best news was that I had a guy from the shop down the street to help me get it back up and working, marked with a solid handshake between two men and a feeling of gratitude in my heart. Awesome-sauce. Thank you to the hard-working and generous people like him that are still around in this world spun in a web of money-hoarding and greed. You're not going on anyone's "good" list this year with that type of behavior.

I have begun bartending at a new taco joint by my place and the training was sucking up so much of my time I reserve for doing my own creative work. It was so draining. Is this what normal people feel like going through life? Wake, eat, work, sleep, repeat? Ugh. Makes me cringe. Working for the man. Not my drink.

Anyways, I have set up schedules with those jobs that serve the man in such a way to thankfully have my own time to explore my writing and continued music/art practices in order to help spread the love.

That is the main goal and purpose of this letter, to inform you of that successful feat I have accomplished. At least, I feel accomplished about it.

Until next time.


Enjoy this photo I have touched up from Utah of my buddy, taken by yours truly.


-Alexander Johnny