To all of my people out there, you're very, extemely good looking.

For those of us in my close proximity, the time for a new year is upon us. Some have already crossed the threshhold due to time zone differences, but hey this is happening right here so onward and upward. The holiday season is coming to a close. And that means one step closer to warm weather and summer. Mmmm. The beach. While many share this day on the rage-your-face-off bandwagon, it is also shared by many as a day to reflect, a day to start thinking anew, and a day of bright paths. Personally, I don't think a day on a calendar in man-made time should tell me otherwise, but hey, society is hard to ignore sometimes. I do agree that this is a good time to do such pondering, but really, all of these changes and fresh starts can be made at the very moment you come across such grandiose awesomeness in that farscape that is your brainwave action. When you are in need of a state of change, and new energy, make it so. You have all the power you need. I am only using this most special of days to remind you of this idea.

If you're wearing your party pants tonight, then be safe and if you're celebrating in whatever other fashion outside of the pants issue, then do it well, and remember that your own changes and gains can be made as soon as you begin to seek them. Don't hesitate. Unless of course that involves those literal glitter, skin-tight pants you've chosen to wear tonight for the new which case I wish you would have hesitated upon making such decisions... (It's okay, we all forgive you). James Dean didn't stir an entire youth generation's style in one day. But keep your chin up.

Thank you for being awesome and let's rollout the rest of 2013 here strong, while looking to the new year with a curious and driving expanse of energy. To all of my believers in self and soul, let this be your time. I'm making it mine.

Happy new years to all of you and to all my friends and family I did not get to see over the holidays, I miss you a lot.

Peace and love, be calm and strong in the storm. Live wild and free in the light.

Alexander Johnny.

P.S. As we look to the new year as a time of change, I too have hopes and dreams. While having this blog up is not necessarily my main dream, I do feel it has become a great channel for me to share and help, and while not the most searched term on google, I hope that it brings you a little insight into your own life, while being a window into my own. My point is, if you are seeking desirable and necessary change, and have studdered on those few initial steps, don't hesitate to talk to others. Ask me. Ask your role model, your guide, your life coach. Reach out to those who seem to have an understanding or who simply give off that vibe of action or happiness you seek. Surround yourself with those who will support you, not being you down. It is not selfish to act in this manner. Seek out your life.


P.P.S. here's a plate of nachos for all you NYE glitter pants party goers to salivate over. I'll bet those look tasty huh? Sorry, couldn't help myself.