How does one become grounded? Centered? Aware? I am currently undergoing a lot of self-work and have been in such a state of flux, between feeling so grounded that I am completely aware of my present state, my path and what I am doing. But there are times where I completely lose that center, my center, and become caught up in the current's rush that is reality. Such a heavy force. Like a mad river that does not stop to let you catch your breath and you are carried along with society's plans as if to maintain the constant state of what is. But that is not what I want.

I have been in contact with some amazing people in the recent times who are both inspiring and a huge help to me on my path, while I have set down to help them as well. I am speaking in terms of the projects we have set out to accomplish and complete, in addition to on a spiritual level. The changes and realizations continue, but I am seeking help from others out there in terms of maintaining that state. If this post connects with you in any way or you are in a similar state and/or have dealt with and over come such an idea, I look forward to connecting more.

Be well.

Alexander Johnny Beat