Chicago in the winter.

Sometimes, all a man really needs is to get away from the work that drives him. From all of the work that feeds his soul, but drives him. It drives and drives. And continues to drive. Drives him mad at times. It drives him to exhaustion sometimes. But it drives him towards the light. Taking a break from that to settle into a relaxing state of being, perhaps with a woman by his side, can be one of the most beneficial states I've come to know in my quarter century of living. Take your days away from the screen, away from the desk, or from the work environment, and rest upon something real, or something in the present moment. Embrace that living, that existence, that breathes like the breath of those you keep close to you. That existence that breathes the fire back into your body, mind and soul.


I'm sitting here in a Chicago cafe while the flakes fall outside this window seat. I don't know much about this great city, but am experiencing its raw nature a day at a time until returning home to ohio, then back to my quarters in Denver.

My conclusive thoughts for you: image

Alexander Johnny

P.S. I am starting up a new series similar to my 30 day challenge that we did over a month ago. That was such an awesome trip in life to do that challenge so I have been getting this one in the works and am kicking it off with this message. Stay tuned for more words as this project takes form and becomes what it is.