Smooth transitions.

Hey readers, lovers, blogger extraordinaires. Life lessons galore. Life lessons just smackin' a guy in the face lately. I have been pretty nonexistent lately but not without purpose. Like I spoke of before, I am working on a new webpage for the brand and have been pouring hours into it, Leaving little time to socialize, write, sleep, (insert other necessary action of life). After having been back from the freezing midwest for a bit, my brothers and I all decided a trek to Breck would be awesome and we could get some boarding in last week. Much was learned on the trip while us brothers also bonded through troubling hardship. That hardship came in the form of losing my keys on the mountain, forcing us to go without any of our supplies for a day, until finally getting a hold of a key. Followed by going to check out the next morning from the hotel and having my car not start. Luckily the bros. caught a shuttle to catch the flight on time in Denver, while I stayed back in the mountains to handle the car situation. It was very trying and tested all of our patience. We do have quite a story now after the fact. Brotherly bonding. Haha.

So yes, the new website is underway and will be introduced soon, as I am trying to complete it before the end of the month. We'll see. In the meantime though, I hope that all of you are taking time to reflect on the hardships that are taking place in your own life, and learning from those. Stressful yes, but there is much to be absorbed in such a time of struggle.

In the next two months I will have a lot of decisions and changes coming up with the living situation and my location. The lease I have had here in Denver will end and possibly my stay in Denver for the time being as I set sights on the next portion of the journey. This is questionable as to the timing only because I have made many excellent friends, connections, and love it out here, and the creative work that is under way is reaching a tipping point towards better horizons. It is difficult for me to just pick up and leave such an excellent foundation that my own sweat, blood and toil have gone into creating. Even if I do leave, I do not think it permanent, with the roots I have settled here in the mile-high. I do know that the following weeks will be huge in determining this outcome. For those of you who are going through similar steps of change, whether in location or even within, the choices and paths will often fall into place as you approach your forks in the road, as long as you are listening to that gut feeling, that heart inside of you. Too often it is drowned out by the sounds and commotion of those around you and their opinions. Learn to hone in on that.

I will be focusing on my own and will be certain to check in soon.

-Alexander Johnny

P.S. I chopped my hair. hairchop