City life.

There's an odd, yet familiar scent in the air, of returning to the city. Somehow I'm reminded of my first few days in Denver. It was difficult, exciting, renewing but also debilitating. I was unsure how to enter back into a city at the time. Crippling to the spirit. This time around, it is familiar, and I seem to have a sort of method to the madness new. Still tho, I feel a sense of urgency. 

I am getting over that sense slowly, but at the same time, I am using its energy as drive to push out the new projects I've been speaking of for the past 3 months. They are upon us and I'll be so excited to make things happen.  

In spirit of new beginnings, a next chapter, and just because I damn well please:


Yes. It's time to sharpen up and get the groove back. Peace to all you folks. If you need me I'll be grindin'.