There's so much that I want to do.

You have your schedule set for the week. Such-and-such event this day. Work this many days of the week. You have your time you set aside for this hobby and that hobby. You make time for exercise. Time for rest. Time for sleep. Time for eating. Time for socializing. There seems to be so many things in only roughly 14 hours of the day depending on the amount of allotted sleep time you set aside for yourself.

To my friends and family who keep their schedule as complex and dynamic as I do. I have so many different interests and unique hobbies and it comes to mind a lot that perhaps I really do too much. Not that being so interested in all of these things is a negative thing. But what I am getting at is that if I am constantly spreading myself amongst a network of many different activities and devoting my time only partly to each of them, am I really doing myself a favor when I should be honing in and focusing my skills to excel quicker in one or two things?

I recently read a quote that if you are a "jack-of-all-trades" than you are simultaneously a master at nothing, since you are spread around so many different areas. Does anyone else agree with this? I am constantly kicking myself for not being able to devote as much time to each of the many different things I do because I am constantly jumping back to something else I have been putting off, and then back again and the cycle goes on and on.

Related thoughts, inspirations, similar pitfalls, stories, are genuinely appreciated. I am hoping to not feel so alone in this aspect.



-Alexander Johnny