Men cannot understand truth because they cling to self, because they believe in and love self, because the believe self to be the only reality whereas it is the one delusion. - James Allen from The Way of Peace

How can we go about striving for greatness, for success, for the top of the mountain, when we are not even able to see past our own selves and really know who we are? I certainly do not have this skill mastered, but I can tell you I am certainly trying. We are so caught up in this image of self and how we experience everything as the self. So caught up in how others experience our self. How do they accept us, or not accept us.

Life is so much bigger than that. It becomes so difficult to think outside of this typical mindset because everyone else is caught in this "reality" and will constantly be trying to bring you back since it is all they know. Familiarity is comforting. Why leave that? I'll tell you why. Familiarity is stale. It's not new. It's not fresh. It's not changing. It's not growth. Why should we only get to know our "self" when there is a full universal connection going on between us? Between our soul and the cosmos. There is a bond, and an exchange happening. Whatever personal image you have developed for yourself on this Earth, is it all that there is? Is that all that will be of "you" in this blink-of-an-eye, time span and then poof you're done, you're gone and that's your moment?

I was walking down the street the other day, and your mass of cellular structures made of atomic particles that are all moving in flow and motion, in perfect cosmic unison that bring about life in an ever-flowing vibrational pattern and sequence, came up and spoke words to me, right there on the sidewalk, in the form of vibrations from vocal chords, and told me that life is all simply a physical existence on this floating rock in space to be experienced and lived as "hard" as possible and then it's done. Simple physical existence meant to entertain us and pleasure us while we sit with boredom day after day, looking for the next experience, the next fad, the next flavor of the week. The next reality show, the next celebrity fuck up, the next sports game that will be jaw-dropping, while wasting time musing over pointless stats and numbers from the game. The next big star who is going to make millions of dollars of man-made currency that we gave value to but actually were never worth anything, that continue to lose any value as people awaken to the fact that it's all just printed paper by the greedy, power-hungry misers who are controlling the masses with media and career paths and debt and subliminal messaging. I replied, "Thank you. Thank you for helping me to see outside of your bubble world." (That was an asshole remark.)