An old post before I left on my trek over a month ago. Some deep thoughts here, watch out!

This was a previous entry I wrote up while preparing to leave as part of a personal journal I keep. I found this one after browsing my files and thought it quite unique in explaining myself while on the cusp of what is new and unknown to me. I hoped to share it with you to get a better idea of the madness that goes on up in my noggin'. 


2014 - 06 - 23
Monday 9:24pm
Mom’s house


Men cannot understand truth because they cling to self, because they believe in and love self, because the believe self to be the only reality whereas it is the one delusion - James Allen from The Way of Peace


So it would seem the travels have begun once more. I have learned from the past year that staying in Denver was very necessary for many reasons, and yes, I could have stayed longer and in fact tried to do just that. But it seems that I was meant to move on. Or at least, I’d like to believe that. I made my decision to leave the city and have sold off everything. I have a backpack with a few possessions, some camera equipment in it, and some clothing. I am traveling light, and also have my saxophone with me to continue my studies. My travels are taking me out to the Southern Hemisphere where I’ll be traveling the coastal regions of Australia. First, by way of car with a group of other fellow travelers. This meet-up with them will be the start of my next journey, the next chapter. This is all made possible because of a new form of connection my generation has grown to love: social media. I am able to collaborate and connect instantly with others across the globe at all points, any time of day. The thing is, with this technology, it has made my travels much smoother and worry free, having the ability to know and depend on others by first being able to form friendships and connections with them before even being in the same physical space. Therefore, transitions into new spaces become much more simple and adaptable right away through help of the other travelers and locals met.

There is a website called This website in particular, combined with Facebook, has been the most crucial of social media sites in forming these connections and transitions while traveling.