7.31.14. Daily workout.

Thursday July 31, 2014 - 6AM

Gorgeous morning, but I'm starving and wanting to keep snoozing the alarm. I force myself up. Grab the running shoes and watch and go. Lot of promising work possibilities here to make some quick money back after the first month but nothing solid. I have a one day gig as wait staff at the huge horse race cup coming up next week. That's good enough for now to get me some good hostel money. We'll see what happens next. 

Today's daily workout:
Casual run (60% race pace) to the wharf and back - Round trip 5k - 26 minutes
4 - 200m sprint repeats
4 compound sets of the following:
     10 - Inverted Rows (Overhand grip) on railing
     12 - Handstand Shoulder Press

Keep on, friends.