This is for all the "noobs" out there from a good training friend of mine.

"The gym is the bank, the gainz is the money, and my bicycle is the getaway car. GET ALL THE GAINZ YA CAN AND THEN G T F OUTTA THERE!

other thoughts from training today.. health and wellness are the greatest things you can invest it. it takes only effort and discipline and pays out better than anything else in the world. You get to take it with you wherever you go and enjoy it 24/7. yes, even when sleeping. so get gainz and enjoy your life.

also, people think training is just a body thing. ha, yeah right, noobs. You obviously havent reached the level where the power of your mind and your very soul are challenged. Training will do things to your mind you have never felt before if you can push yourself hard enough.

Go train and feel what the mind and body can really do together. — feeling motivated." -ZR