"What if I fall?" "Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"

Recently came across the poet, Erin Hanson, of this quote and have begun to follow her. Her work is amazing and you can find it at Thepoeticunderground.com. The awesome part, with an example below, is that she will send you a personal letter and poem written for you, if you send her the request through her website. I plan to order one of these and am so excited to receive it once I can get a hold of an address to send it to out here in Australia. 

Miss Hanson is the writer of the famous little phrase I have set as the title of this article, "What if I fall?..." For me this little poem is so potent and powerful, yet so simple and eloquent. It strikes the heart like a graceful harp string. A motivational word to live by. 

I am sending this quote out to all of you as a way to help motivate you and help you to get off your butt and start actually looking at what you are passionate about. Not only that, but what you want to do about that passion. 

So. What do you want to do about it? Are you going to sit there and keep saying, "oh I really wish I could do that." Or...,"oh someday maybe I'll be better at this, or be able to do that..." (sigh). (Daydreaming proceeds). 

You should probably just say screw it and start now. Today. That's all. 

In regards to doing what you want and really believing you can fly, I wanted to share a recent radio interview that came out recently. Tony interviewed Michelle and Avril, two of the ladies who I had the great honor of helping to create the book The Magic of Mandela: Twenty Years of Democracy with. It was awesome to hear this interview and hear these ladies speak over the radio after working with them for close to a year completely via email from separate countries to finish this project. It made me really happy to hear their stories and gave me a real sense of accomplishment and flying to know I was able to help such goals and dreams come into fruition. Thanks for the opportunity ladies. Cheers. The link to the radio interview is here. 

What if you fly?